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Refresh And Refurbish Your Old Wax!

VCT Maintenance

High amounts of customer traffic can cause serious wear and tear on any commercial floor.  We will perform a complete analysis of all agreed upon commercial floor space so that we may develop a customized maintenance schedule that will keep your floors looking cleaner and nicer for much longer.

  • Advanced Waxing Techniques

  • VCT Burnishing

  • VCT Scrubbing

  • VCT Wax Repairs

  • Commercial Grade Floor Cleaning Equipment

  • Commercial Floor Cleaning Expertise

  • AND… Environmentally Friendly Commercial Cleaning Supplies!



Let HydroCare TN provide buffing and burnishing for your commercial or industrial flooring so that you never have to worry about permanent scuff marks, gouges, build-up, or normal wear and tear.  Your floors will remain protected against future assaults, thus saving you frustration and money when it comes to cleanings and repairs.

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